What Benefits Does Dental Bonding Have?

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If you your teeth have a slight problem, dental bonding may be the answer for it. It can fix a few smaller issues and blend with your natural teeth.

Bonding can match the color of your teeth because it is made of composite resin. The resin is used in many kinds of dental treatments. The shade can be so close that even people looking directly at it may think it is just a natural part of the tooth. Not only that, but the material can be shaped fairly easily. In other words, it can match up with the natural form of your teeth and not just the color.

Bonding can help with discolored, chipped or slightly fractured teeth. Also, if your teeth have too large of gaps between them or are not as long as they ought to be, then the material can be used to fix them. The bonding can cover the issues or fill in the missing pieces. This way, your teeth can be repaired and granted a natural-looking and attractive appearance.

If your teeth do not look as good as you would like or if they have a small chip missing, you can come to Chandler Dental Excellence in Chandler, Arizona, to see if dental bonding can work for you. If not, we offer plenty of other methods that can fix or restore teeth. Our dentist, Dr. Kerry Taylor, can help you figure out which method can work best. In order to reach us, you can dial 480.786.1734, and we will be there to serve you.