At Chandler Dental Excellence, we employ cutting-edge cone beam 3D imaging technology to revolutionize dental diagnostics. This advanced imaging technique allows our dentist, Dr. Kerry Taylor, to obtain highly detailed, three-dimensional images of the oral and maxillofacial structures, enabling unparalleled precision in diagnosis and treatment planning.

Unveiling Comprehensive Views

Cone beam 3D imaging provides comprehensive views of the teeth, bones, nerves, and soft tissues. This complete approach ensures a thorough understanding of the patient’s oral anatomy, facilitating accurate assessments for procedures such as implant placement, orthodontic planning, and assessing potential pathologies.

Minimizing Radiation Exposure

Our commitment to patient safety is paramount. Cone beam 3D imaging minimizes radiation exposure while maximizing diagnostic benefits. The technology captures detailed images swiftly, reducing the time required for imaging and providing a more comfortable experience for our patients.

Enhancing Treatment Precision

The detailed 3D reconstructions empower Dr. Taylor to plan and execute treatments with unprecedented precision. Whether it is a complex surgical procedure or intricate restorative work, cone beam 3D imaging ensures that every aspect of the treatment is meticulously considered, leading to optimal outcomes.

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