The Severity and Contributing Symptoms of a Fractured Tooth Will Determine the Necessary Treatment Method

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When a tooth is fractured, it can cause a wide range of pain. Sometimes there is little to no discomfort, while other dental fractures cause persistent pain or chronic tooth sensitivity. Even if you’re not immediately distressed by the damaged tooth enamel, you still need to have the tooth examined and treated before tooth decay has a chance to affect the area.

The location of the dental fracture and severity will influence the necessary treatments Dr. Kerry Taylor recommends. This could also be influenced by any newly developed cavities, or if the tooth has previously repaired with a dental filling.

A minor dental fracture that alters an otherwise healthy tooth might be repaired with a simple dental filling. However, if the compromised area is large or it alters a critical surface of the tooth, Dr. Kerry Taylor might recommend restoring the tooth enamel layer with a dental crown.

In a case where the fracture has also traumatized the internal structures of the tooth Dr. Kerry Taylor will likely need to perform a root canal. This will restore sufficient structural integrity to anchor the dental crown in place.

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