Six Signs You Could Benefit From a Dental Bridge

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It’s important that you fill any gaps in your smile caused by missing teeth once the area has healed and regained its health. Chandler Dental Excellence offers dental bridges to replace missing teeth and restore your mouth’s strength, Dr. Kerry Taylor is pleased to provide a list six reasons why your mouth could benefit from a dental bridge:

– Bridges fill the empty spaces caused by missing teeth that would otherwise affect the appearance and function of your smile.

– Gum tissue destabilization brought on by tooth loss can cause surrounding teeth to shift into the empty spaces, but dental bridges will stabilize your smile.

– Dental bridges are designed to last a long time, from a decade to a lifetime, if they receive proper care.

– Bridges enhance the structure of your face by supporting the jawbone and the cheeks.

– The gaps in your smile caused by tooth loss are ideal areas of accumulation for food particles and bacteria, increasing the risk of tooth decay. Dental bridges prevent tooth decay and gum disease by filling these gaps.

– Tooth loss can cause you to lose many essential skills, such as eating, chewing, and speaking, but bridges provide the support needed to restore these functions.

To learn if you would benefit from receiving a dental bridge in Chandler, Arizona, we invite you to call 480.786.1734 and schedule a consultation with our dentist at Chandler Dental Excellence. We look forward to helping you achieve a healthier smile!