Flossing Can Improve Your Oral Health and Fight Cavities

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If you are looking for a way to reduce cavities, then perhaps ask yourself if you floss regularly. If you do not, then it’s time to start! Flossing can improve your oral health and fight cavities. Here at Chandler Dental Excellence in Chandler, Arizona, we are dedicated to your oral health and want to help you by giving you some basic information on flossing and how it can help you.

Flossing is vital to your smile and should be done at least once each day, most often at night so food particles and plaque don’t linger in your smile as you sleep. Flossing is an important factor in overcoming gum disease and can reduce cavities. What many people do not realize is that flossing is the ace card when it comes to truly taking care of your teeth and gums.

Flossing removes food particles and plaque from your smile, which is important because plaque is a sticky film that contains bacteria that promotes gum disease. If plaque is not removed quickly, then it can harden into tartar which is the key support to gum disease. Tartar is extremely hard and sticks to your teeth, which is why only your dentist can remove it from your smile.

As you can see, flossing should never be skipped because it is essential when it comes to the care and treatment of your smile. If you continue to have questions or feel it’s time for a dental checkup, please call our office today at 480.786.1734 to set up an appointment with Dr. Kerry Taylor. Our friendly staff is always dedicated to addressing any questions or concerns you may have pertaining to your oral health care.