Finding Your Best Smile With Mouth Guards

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Are you need of a mouth guard to help keep your smile safe? Mouth guards come in several varieties designed to keep your teeth and gums safe. If you’re looking for a custom-made mouth guard designed to fit your exact dental profile, visit our office to have a customized one crafted for you. Another helpful product that you should consider that can be customized to your dental impressions is a boil and bite mouth guard, which contours to your dental impression if bitten into when it is soft. A third option is known as a stock mouth guard, which comes preformed and ready-to-wear. However, they are merely a one-size-fits-all option.

Once you have found your mouth guard, it is important to care for it properly. Tips for caring for your mouth guard include the following:

– Never leave your mouth guard in the sun or place it in hot water as it can warp, dry or crack.
– Store your mouth guard in an area free of moisture buildup or contamination.
– Keep your mouth guard out of reach of family pets or young children.
– If you notice any signs of damage to your mouth guard, bring it into our dentist for restorations and repairs.
– Schedule regular checkups and examinations with our dentist so that your mouth guard and your mouth can be evaluated properly.
– Always keep your mouth guard clean by rinsing it and cool, soapy water.
– Never chew on your mouth guard or continually bite into it, as damage could occur.

Are you ready to protect your smile with the use of reliable mouth guards? If you would like to have your smile examined by our team at Chandler Dental Excellence, please book an appointment with us at our dental office. To set up a visit with Dr. Kerry Taylor and our team in Chandler, Arizona, please contact us at 480.786.1734.