Face Your Root Canal with Confidence

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If you would rather swim with piranhas than undergo root canal treatment, you’re not alone. No one looks forward to a root canal, which is why our team at Chandler Dental Excellence offers the following advice to help ease your worries:

– Notify your dentist of your anxiety: If you’re feeling anxious about the procedure, your dentist needs to know. He or she can work with you and help you feel more comfortable.

– Organize your recovery process in advance: For a few days after the procedure, you may want to only eat soft food. Gathering necessary items in advance will ease the recovery process. We ask that you coordinate your ride home before the time of your appointment.

– Don’t take painkillers early: Your dental team will provide you with pain medication during your appointment to keep you comfortable. Numbing your mouth ahead of time will prevent you from explaining to the dentist where the pain is and how much it hurts.

– Avoid antibiotics: You should always let your dentist know before a procedure if you’re taking medication. Otherwise, you may encounter adverse drug interactions. If you’re taking medication, speak to your doctor about the possibility of altering your dose.

– Refrain from alcoholic consumption before and after: Root canal treatment is easier for both you and your dental team if you are in a sober state of mind. Likewise, the recover process will be more comfortable if your body can focus on healing your mouth instead of fighting the effects of alcohol.

If you’re in need of a root canal in Chandler, Arizona, contact Chandler Dental Excellence at 480.786.1734. Dr. Kerry Taylor will gladly meet with you before the treatment and make sure all of your concerns and questions are addressed.