Denture Adhesive Can Help Your Dentures Fit Tightly

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A complete set of dentures is created so the base of the dental appliance matches the shape and contours of your natural gum structure. This provides the unit with the kind of firm hold that will replace the basic function of your missing teeth.

At the same time you might also appreciate applying a small amount of denture adhesive to the base before inserting your dentures in your mouth. This will both lock the dental appliance in place and help block out stray food particles from irritating your gums.

Through the course of the day it’s possible for the natural motion of chewing and grinding to weaken the denture adhesive bond with the underlying gums. If this allows some food particles to invade the base, it could cause increasing irritation. In a situation like this it’s best to remove and rinse your dentures at your earliest convenience.

Be sure to also remove any old denture adhesive. Then you should use a clean paper towel to dry the base. This will provide you with a clean surface to reapply a fresh bead denture adhesive.

Before using any particular brand of denture adhesive you should look for the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. The small logo on the package indicates that the ADA has tested the product for safe and effective oral use.

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