Dentistry Topic Data Blog: Dental Sealants

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Is your smile in need of a dental sealant? Did you know that dental sealants are highly effective for individuals of all ages to help protect their teeth from damage and decay? It’s true, and dental sealants have also been proven to be highly effective and completely safe for children as young as six years old.

Dental sealant applications to a child are most effective around the age of 6 when their molars grow in. When a child’s molars are coated with dental sealants, they are 3 times less likely to develop cavities than those who do not have molars coated with sealants. The sealants not only protect your smile against the dangers of acids but, they can also help prevent minor damage taken to your tooth enamel due to physical injuries. A single dental sealant treatment can last up to a decade before it will need to be repaired or reapplied.

Studies have shown that dental sealants are highly effective at protecting damage to your molars. The risk of tooth decay drops by 80% when a dental sealant is applied. Dental sealants focus on the use of a specialized gel to coat your tooth which is then hardened and activated under a light source. When the sealant hardens, extremely strong bond occurs which can effectively protect your tooth for many years to come.

Depending on your oral health, our dentist at Chandler Dental Excellence can help you determine if dental sealants are right for you. Dr. Kerry Taylor and our team would love to see you at our dentist office in Chandler, Arizona. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 480.786.1734. We look forward to improving your smile!