Dental Crown Care 101

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Around 2.3 million implant-supported dental crowns are placed in Americans mouths every year, which means patients nationwide are continually seeing their dentists for help to protect their teeth. While crowns are guarding teeth, who is defending the crowns? You are! After having a dental crown installed, it’s important you follow this list of tips Chandler Dental Excellence compiled to protect your oral crowns for a long time:

– Avoid hard foods such as ice because this simple activity could split or chip your dental crowns.

– If you feel any noteworthy sensitivity towards hot or cold foods in your dental crown area (or any area of your teeth) more than ten days after your dental crown is installed, let us know as soon as possible.

– Watch closely for gross-smelling or loose crowns. The crown’s cement may have loosened or dissolved.

– If you sense any pain when biting down on your crown, the crown may need to be fixed or you may need another treatment.

– Even with oral crowns, you’ll still need to keep a regular dental regimen of brushing and flossing every single day.

– Bring your crown to us if it falls out of place; do not try and reinstall it on your own! Trying to do this yourself could be dangerous, even resulting in more damage to your tooth or causing you to later choke on the crown.

Dr. Kerry Taylor and our dental team here in Chandler, Arizona, work to ensure your dental crown stays in place, but in the case it needs repaired, immediately seek out assistance at our clinic here at Chandler Dental Excellence. Give us a call at 480.786.1734 today to get your best smile yet that’s protected today!