Care for Your Smile by Learning About Tooth Hazard Treatments

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Tooth hazards are often on the rise because individuals do not employ common sense to keep their smile safe. Never use your mouth for any task for which it is not assigned. In addition, beware that anything you put into your mouth can easily damage your teeth and gums. Furthermore, do not assume your teeth will be able to handle any kind of potential blunt force trauma that is sent its way.

To help keep your smile safe from the risks of dental damage due to tooth hazards, avoid mouth jewelry whenever possible. This is because mouth jewelry can cause numerous forms of oral health ailments including infections, chipped and cracked teeth, oral inflammation, lacerated gums, and can lead to frequent bleeding. In addition, if any mouth jewelry pieces are to break off, choking can occur.

In order to keep your smile safe from the risk of tooth hazards, it’s always important to consider wearing an oral appliance whenever possible. An ideal safety tool to consider is a mouth guard. Your dentist may be able to customize a mouth guard to your exact dental profile for an added layer of support to help prevent against damage that is associated with blunt trauma, such as chipped and cracked teeth, and even teeth that have been completely knocked out.

A complete smile is a safe smile. In order to ensure no teeth are knocked out, never use them to bite into products that are excessively hard. Doing so can easily cause dental trauma and destroy your smile in seconds. Even if you feel your teeth are strong enough to bite through a product or the product is something as simple as ice, the practice should still be avoided.

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