Important Tips About Mouth Guards

If you routinely partake in high-risk activities or play any contact sports, it is important to make sure you are wearing the appropriate safety gear and equipment. This can include facial masks, helmets, and mouth guards. Mouth guards are extremely easy to wear and can come in many forms. You can either have a custom-made… Read more »

Six Signs You Could Benefit From a Dental Bridge

It’s important that you fill any gaps in your smile caused by missing teeth once the area has healed and regained its health. offers dental bridges to replace missing teeth and restore your mouth’s strength, Dr. is pleased to provide a list six reasons why your mouth could benefit from a dental bridge: – Bridges… Read more »

The Severity and Contributing Symptoms of a Fractured Tooth Will Determine the Necessary Treatment Method

When a tooth is fractured, it can cause a wide range of pain. Sometimes there is little to no discomfort, while other dental fractures cause persistent pain or chronic tooth sensitivity. Even if you’re not immediately distressed by the damaged tooth enamel, you still need to have the tooth examined and treated before tooth decay… Read more »

An Inconsistent Oral Hygiene Routine Can Decrease the Integrity of a Dental Filling

Dental fillings are generally cured and bonded to the surrounding tooth enamel or cemented in place with a potent dental adhesive. This gives them the strength and structural integrity to repair the tooth for many years. However, as time goes on the relationship between the surrounding tooth enamel and the dental filling material can gradually… Read more »

Dental Crown Care 101

Around 2.3 million implant-supported dental crowns are placed in Americans mouths every year, which means patients nationwide are continually seeing their dentists for help to protect their teeth. While crowns are guarding teeth, who is defending the crowns? You are! After having a dental crown installed, it’s important you follow this list of tips compiled… Read more »

Dentistry Topic Data Blog: Dental Sealants

Is your smile in need of a dental sealant? Did you know that dental sealants are highly effective for individuals of all ages to help protect their teeth from damage and decay? It’s true, and dental sealants have also been proven to be highly effective and completely safe for children as young as six years… Read more »

The Fluoride Supplements and Treatments that Can Strengthen Your Smile

Fluoride is a natural mineral that helps your chompers more than you might realize. In fact, it helps your teeth prevent dental issues. If you don’t receive enough fluoride regularly, there is a good chance your smile could be in danger. In this scenario, it’s best to talk to your dentist, Dr. , about a… Read more »

Denture Adhesive Can Help Your Dentures Fit Tightly

A complete set of dentures is created so the base of the dental appliance matches the shape and contours of your natural gum structure. This provides the unit with the kind of firm hold that will replace the basic function of your missing teeth. At the same time you might also appreciate applying a small… Read more »

Know the Symptoms of Bruxism

You may be experiencing teeth grinding, also commonly known as bruxism, if you grind your teeth at night or even during the day. This can either happen because of anxiety, an abnormal or crooked bite, stress in your daily life, a sleep disorder, or a habit. Connected problems such as misaligned teeth, allergies, or even… Read more »

Information About Tooth Extractions

At times, a tooth extraction is necessary. Damage, decay, or orthodontic needs may require an extraction. If you need to have a tooth extracted, take a moment to read the information below. – If you are having problems after the extraction, it is important to contact your dentist as soon as possible. – If you… Read more »